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Welcome to the Website of Trausse Town Hall

Our village has many assets which enable its village councillors to work for its development. Its working population includes local craftsmen and businesses which offer all the services covering building works and maintenance, social services, a small supermarket, and a shop selling electrical goods and services. Our winegrowers, who feature large in our landscape, produce the finest Languedoc wines, appreciated worldwide.

Our school is doing well. The senior classes are equipped with computers and the number of pupils is increasing in the hands of our two schoolteachers, funded by the local education services.

An association runs a separate school, ’La Calandreta’, where children from throughout the region learn Occitan (the regional language) with two other teachers. The Town Hall helps out with the equipment and also takes responsibility for the maintenance of the building.

Water purification and treatment in the village is done ecologically.

A variety of associations offer different activities providing a lively atmosphere essential for a good social life for local people and visitors.

Many retired people of several nationalities have chosen our village because they enjoy the mild climate, the countryside and the foothills whose beauty and variety never tire. At 20 minutes from Carcassonne and 40 from Narbonne and a little more to Beziers, our village offers all the services required for modern living and a style of life with a strong and welcoming Occitan identity.

I should like to thank Mme. Céline Signoret, town councillor and winegrower, for all her hard work on this site.

Welcome to Trausse.

Enjoy our website.

Adiusiatz a totes (“Goodbye all” in Occitan)

The Mayor, Jean-François Saisset, Trausse.